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Saturday, January 18, 2014


There are many predictable things that happen during our time in Boomerville every January. 

IMG_20140118_074135_399First, the mornings can be very cool (aka cold), so when you camp without electrical hookups, having a propane heater can certainly take the chill off.  Ours is a two-brick Cozy World brand that taps into our stove’s propane lines.  Our dog Star knows where to park herself on those cold mornings.

Second, Boomers love to eat!!!  Every third day, Gretchen and Bob Mattison prepare pancakes for everyone who wants them. The donation jar is out, and all proceeds go to our group’s charity, the Escapee CARE Facility. CARE stands for Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees, a non-profit adult day care facility in Livingston, TX.  It was designed for RVers who need to be off the road because of health reason. Click the link to learn more!

IMG_20140118_084823_486There have been two pancake breakfasts since we arrived and already more than $170 has been stuffed into the CARE jar!  Today the pancake choices were plain, blueberry, cinnamon swirl, chocolate chip, or a combination of any of the above.  Yummy!!!


Gretchen Mattison adds blueberries to the custom pancakes.  Bob, not pictured, uses an electric drill stirrer to keep the pancake batter coming.  Some mornings donations of bacon, oranges, and other goodies can be found on the food table.


Friday afternoon was the annual Chili Cook-Off and Potluck.  I did my typical “dump the cans” chili and, once again I did not place.  Oh, well, we had left-overs for lunch on Saturday. 


Winner of the Chili Cook-Off was Steve Buffy, pictured in the center with the black shirt and hat.  Second Place went to Darlene Miller (blocked by her husband on the left end of the table), and Gretchen Mattison took third place.


We sat with friends Sharon and Don Del Rosario and Gloria and Frank King.  Luke didn’t get the memo that Friday is Wear Red in Support of Our Troops Day.


IMG_20140118_163621_466After our Saturday Happy Hour, the afternoon got happier with wine tasting and heavy appetizer.  We may not drink wine, but we do bring a few bottles to donate for the good of the others.  We found plenty of snacks so I didn’t have to cook (again). 


Barbara Westerfield and Luke select items for their plates from the abundance of food on the table. 


I started this blog today mentioning predictable happenings in Boomerville.  So, the third most predictable event is a fantastic sunset!  (There are also great sunrises but I am seldom awake to take photos.  I will try.)

As the afternoon of visiting drew to a close today, the sun was setting behind Dome Mountain.  I could not resist turning my phone into my handy camera to capture today’s sunset.




Molly and Bob said...

Love your recaps---keep 'em coming!

Safe Travels, Chris and Charles said...

Maybe one day I can join y'all!