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Monday, February 3, 2014

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

This is not our first visit to Lake Havasu City (LHC).  In fact, we have been spending two or three weeks a year here since we started our extended RV travels in 2004.  Our repeated visits fall into a routine after a while.  My February 1, 2012 blog details our typical visit to LHC where we will meet the same friends and attend the same activities once again in 2014. 


We call this “civilization” after spending a few weeks in the barren, dusty desert around Quartzsite.  Don’t get me wrong, we really enjoy the social life in Q and the desert landscape. Give me a Saguaro cactus, surrounded by mountains and throw in a spectacular sunset and I am one happy camper. 

LHC, however, has “clean” laundromats, restaurants, and lots of shopping opportunities not found in Quartzsite or nearby Parker.  There are also plenty of automotive, RV, and electronics services which seems to come in handy every year while traveling through this area.

After leaving the desert on Saturday we headed for Cattail Cove State Park where we had reservations for four nights.  The plan was to “re-boot,” as one of our RV friends had calls it, when you need time to dump (RVers know the routine), have reliable water and 50-amp electrical service, and time to CLEAN. 

Super Bowl Sunday was a day off.  Our DirecTV service is assigned to Phoenix right now, so we had no problem picking up the game on Fox TV.  Unfortunately, Denver didn’t show up. Since our SF 49ers weren’t playing, I spent the day catching up the blogs. I did catch most of the commercials, but wasn’t impressed with them either.


Monday started slowly, but I did hit the Sunshine Laundromat around 11, just as the rush was ending.  I spent a small fortune in quarters and we now have clean, dust-free clothes and bedding. 

While hanging up my Geocaching BOF t-shirt, the laundry manager noticed our club logo on the back of my shirt and asked if I was a cacher.  Turns out she and her husband are Sunshine Laundry - LHCavid geocachers and even have a cache placed in their parking lot. You can check it out at “Makes Me Hungry"  (GC3QKEZ) on Geocaching.com. I shared info about our Geocaching Rally in Q and she sounded interested in attending next year.  I presented her one of our signature Pathtags to add to her collection.  (I will go for her cache the next time in town.)


While I was doing laundry, Luke was hard at work removing the first level of dust from the motorhome.  His task was interrupted, however, when our neighbor pointed out a very large pool of fluid under the front of the coach.  After further investigation, Luke determined the leak was from the reservoir in our HWH hydraulic system that controls our leveling jacks and slide out mechanisms.  Without fluid there can be no pressure which means neither system will work when we are scheduled to leave on Wednesday.  IMG_20140203_151900_686

The hydraulic system controls and fluid tank are accessible under the top step in our entryway. Hopefully, that will lesson the labor costs to fix the leak.

A quick internet search revealed that 3T’s RV Products in LHC was an authorized HWH repair center.  After taking photos, we drove into town and discussed the leak location.  We made an appointment for next Tuesday and purchased extra fluid to refill the tanks before we attempt to move the slides in and raise the jacks.  We will see how it goes this Wednesday when we have to leave Cattail Cove SP and move just down the road to our boondocking site at The Steps. Wish us luck!




Jan Mains said...

Hope they can repair it quickly. Good thing you spotted it before going to the steps.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We have had our share of problems with HWH gear. Hope you can find and repair the leak quickly. We have been to Lake Havasu City only once, but enjoyed it.